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Large Rectangle Blue Mix Wood

Bright blue, french blue, olive bright (green), and yellow floral tints. Made with protea and eucalyptus. 

Large Rectangle Blue Mix Wood

  • These arrangements consist of our leucadendron proteas as well as baby blue eucalyptus. These dryable arrangements can be expected to last on average about 2-4 years, however, they have been kept upwards of 8 years by many of our long term customers. They last as long as they do for several reasons, 1 reason is the VARIETALS of the flowers that we use, and the second reason being the tint that we give the leucadendrons. Leucadendron proteas are exceptional dried flowers, meaning that in the absence of maintenance and water, they naturally dry and maintain both their coloration and structure for weeks to come. In an effort to combat the inevitable browning that comes after several weeks of being a dried flower, we seal in the coloration and vibrance of the flower arrangement by tinting the stems with a non-toxic floral spray, this also helps us to give the arrangement the color schemes you have seen. The eucalyptus naturally dries and maintains its coloration very well and does not brown, thus why we leave it in its natural state. 

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